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Hodie has quality products and processes for the poultry industry

What do we do?

Hodie portions and debones so you can tell your clients “yes". Driven by our passion for good, we deliver a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable food supply.  We do this by providing reliably exceptional care to our customers and team.

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Hodie is the silent partner of chicken suppliers and customers nationwide

Need to commit to supply that your facility isn’t optimized for? Hodie has you covered. Downtime for a Cap Ex project? Hodie will produce for you so your supply is uninterrupted. Acute labor issues? Hodie is your labor force. Frustrated by transactional copack agreements? Hodie is your trusted partner.

Hodie Meats

Hodie simplifies your supply chain

Custom designed programs


Choose quantity
Hodie offers options for yearly and seasonal programs with both fixed and variable quantities.


Define custom details
Hodie can execute customer-defined product specifications. Hodie can also assist in designing a custom specification.


Packaging options
Packaging solutions that fit customer specifications.

We know the
production process

With over 50 years of production experience, the Hodie team knows how to design custom programs, solve supply issues, and ultimately meet and exceed customer expectations.

Hode Meats
Hodie Meats

Why your business should trust Hodie


State-of-the-art facility 
Conveniently located in North Georgia. Close proximity to interstate system, suppliers and freezers, helping to preserve quality and shelf life.


Stringent QA and cold chain policies 
Quality checks performed from start to finish: from in-bound, throughout production, and to the finished packaging.

Processed verified programs available:

  • Organic

  • NAE Veg Fed

  • NAE



100% x-ray
Safe, wholesome quality is the top priority. That’s why Hodie X-rays everything. It’s our standard.


CVP and CO2 pack out options

  • 4/10

  • Bulk

  • Combo

  • Custom options are available by request


100% metal detection 
Double metal detect capable. Safety and wholesomeness are so important, we can do it twice.


Superior logistics communication
Dedicated transportation team with daily updates for FOB and delivered loads. Know the location and status of your product at every step of the process.

Hodie Meats

This is how Hodie takes care of people


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